Thursday, April 26, 2007

Twenty-four Hours (More or Less) Until Chaos

After almost 4 months of sleeping on foam mats, eating at a folding table, and having lawn chairs for living room furniture, OUR FURNITURE COMES TOMORROW!!!!

Okay, despite that moment of excitement, I'm amusing myself because I actually have mixed emotions about this. In some ways, I've rather enjoyed living so sparsely - there's a lot less housework to do and less clutter to conquer (although Prairiewolf and I have managed an amazing amount of clutter, nonetheless, primarily due to our normal influx of mail, junk and otherwise). It feels like there's been a lot of psychic as well as physical space.

On the other hand, these aching bones (and muscles and ligaments) are looking forward to a real mattress, and it will be ever-so-nice to drink coffee in the morning without worrying about a dog bumping the table and spilling it. I am also very tired of finding that we need something we already own but can't access, and therefore having to go out and buy a duplicate. I've done that as little as possible, but in some cases I've had to for the sake of my own sanity. (For example, child gates to keep puppy-dearest on the kitchen floor and off the new carpet.)

It will be nice to have music again, and my library. My gardening equipment. Our "artwork," such as it is. Enough dishes and chairs to have friends over.

And as I start listing the possessions I'm looking forward to regaining, I'm getting nervous about the condition they'll arrive in. (We had the packers from hell when we left Mobile. One gal was really good; the other two were horrible.)

Oh, well. The joys of moving. I'm looking forward to truly settling in, though, and getting on with life.

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