Thursday, June 08, 2006

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning....

The garden is so full of life, light and beauty this morning that it makes my heart ache. As I watch the wind ruffle through the leaves, the chorus of birdsong is so complex that I cannot even tease out all of the different songs being sung. The bees are buzzing contentedly in the beautyberry bush, I got a glimpse of a skink gliding slinkily through the butterfly garden, and the birds are making each tree and shrub seem alive with movement.

The outside is drawing me like a magnet. Bluejays are taking turns flying through the sprinkler for a quick spritzing. Brown thrashers are alternating between foraging through the leaf litter and flying up into the branches to announce their presence. A newly minted tiger swallowtail lightly floated around the yard for a while, checking out the accommodations. The air is marshmallowy, padded with moisture, softly supportive, warm but not yet hot.

Life seems very immediate and vivid this morning. I feel lucky, not only to be alive, but to be so aware of it today.

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Anonymous said...

Those are the best moments.