Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Further Armadillo Troubles

I am discouraged this morning. Every day since my "Daily Rituals" post, I have done my morning walkabout and found uprootings and holes dug by an armadillo in the garden beds. Since we blocked off the holes under the fence, I have to assume that this unwelcome guest has taken up residence in the yard, although I have been unable to find his burrow so far.

On one hand, I can't blame him. We have water in the birdbaths, a ready supply of earthworms and other soil organisms, and plenty of bushy undergrowth to shelter his burrow. On the other hand, he's wreaking havoc on my mulch - bringing soil to the top that will put out the welcome mat for a whole variety of weeds - and uprooting at least a few plants almost nightly.

You would think that with FOUR dogs in the yard, at least one of them would make this garden a little less hospitable for him, but it doesn't seem to be working that way.

I've unblocked the holes under the fence and hope that he'll move on to greener pastures on his own. Otherwise this weekend, Prairiewolf and I are going to have to seriously search for his burrow and figure out how we're going to livetrap him and get him out of here. No other solution is, unfortunately, coming to mind.

Meanwhile, our drought is continuing. Just two miles away, they had a huge rain last week that soaked most of the city. And last night one of my in-town friends commented that she'd had rainshowers twice so far that day, probably compliments of Alberto. But we're still bone-dry out here in suburbia. I've had sprinklers going almost nonstop for over 2 weeks now. It's keeping the grass green and the plants from dying, but it's not the same as a good, soaking rain. I hate to see our water bill for this month.

On the other hand, at least we're not dealing with a hurricane. So far. So I'll try not to complain too loudly or too long.

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