Thursday, January 12, 2012

Redtails in Love

Two days ago, while waiting for Greg to get home, I went out back to see if I could find any "winter interest" to photograph.

I found my resident pair of redtail hawks, cozying up to each other in the top of one of the big, mature cottonwoods in the draw.

Generally, in raptors, the female is actually the larger of the pair.  There is no gender-based plumage difference in this species.

Towards the end of last winter, I noticed this pair building a nest near the top of the one of the big black willows.  I watched hopefully for signs that they'd laid eggs, but I never saw any incubating behavior.

This year I have hopes that, with less nest building to attend to, Mr. and Mrs. Redtail may provide us with the excitement and enjoyment of watching new little hawks being raised!


Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Would the stork deliver to hawks?
Keep us posted!

Melanie said...

We have lots of those hawks here too. .nice open country with plenty of rodents ;-) Looks like the weather will cooperate for us to travel to Milford for the eagle watch on Saturday. .if our health will! Tristan was home yesterday with diarrhea and fatigue. .I always hate that feeling of "do you you not go" Grrr!! Have a great weekend.