Thursday, September 01, 2011

These Hands....

(Thanks to dejavaboom at Musement Park for this idea!)

are worn and wrinkled, with age spots on their backs

eagerly and surely help me carry out projects

held newborn babies close to nurse

get dirty digging in the soil

hold the broom to sweep out the debris

gently soothed a fevered brow

wield knives to surgically slice tomatoes and onions

type thoughts quickly on a keyboard

drum nervously on tabletops

clutch the steering wheel tightly in a downpour

carefully press a mango to judge its ripeness

pushed a needle in and out, forming colorful patterns on cloth

scrubbed pots and toilets and children and dogs

danced over piano keys making music

applaud the impressive work of others

learned to shoot a pistol

get cramped writing long and rambling journal entries

carefully plant tiny seeds in rich soil

precisely folded gum wrappers to make zigzagged necklaces and bracelets

turn pages to transport me to different worlds

held another's hands for comfort

strongly pull weeds up by the roots

slice open boxes with a scissor blade

dial the phone to share news

push a shutter button, capturing a moment

threw rocks for hopscotch and skipping

painstakingly packed away a beloved shell collection

picked up wiggly puppies to cuddle and weigh

stir the pot with wooden spoons

neatly stack plates in yet another cupboard

sort through piles to organize and put away

firm the soil around fresh transplants

sifted through the sand on many beaches

stroke a furry face to share love

kneaded bread dough

exchanged greetings with senators and kindergarteners

straightened the feathers of a dead bird

gather flowers to share with others

hold the cards surely and confidently

clasp a pen to write letters and recipes and essays

gathered up small children to sooth their hurts

pointed out the possibilities

held the map to navigate unknown places

wave goodbye.


dejavaboom said...

I love what you've done with the idea. Great list that really expresses (diverse) interests and (nurturing) personality!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea, and so beautifully rendered. Cheers! Ted in Oslo

Gaia Gardener: said...

Thanks to both of you!!!