Friday, March 14, 2008


Sometimes I really irritate myself.

Actually, I really irritate myself lots of times, but that's beside the point.

This morning's irritation is one of long technophobia.

For those of you who have read my blog for a while, you will have noticed that I haven't posted photos in several months. As counterintuitive as this is, that's because Prairiewolf got me a wonderful new camera last summer which takes really awesome photos. I've now got wonderful closeup photos of insects and flowers, as well as landscapes, family shots, and the normal mix of subject matter that we all take.

But in my normal (read techonologically nonfunctional) way of approaching things, I took a ton of photos immediately, including a bunch that I really didn't want to lose, then got nervous about experimenting with manipulations that I'm unfamiliar with. Now I literally have hundreds of photos with file sizes too big to use on blogger that I need to sort back through (on the camera) so that I can change the file size to one appropriate for web posting. Which means that I get into being both technophobic AND lazy about approaching the task.

I know: Cry me a few crocodile tears too. Maybe if I post this, I'll get the kick in the pants that I need to actually move forward with this task. If you see photos on my blog again, you'll know I took at least a baby step forward!


Anonymous said...

I really, really miss the lovely photos you posted so long ago.....

Gaia Gardener: said...

Wow. What a special compliment. Thank you.

Okay, maybe I can gird my loins, so to speak, and tackle my photographic backlog. I know I'll feel better when I do!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...there is also such a thing as "Copying the photos you want to save to a backup drive (like a dvd or a hard drive and manipulate another copy on your local drive. prairiewolf can set this up. It's one of the great things about the digital age. Infinite copies of whatever you want.