Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Richness of *Now*

"Somedays I live more fully than others."

That thought was drifting lazily through my mind this morning as Prairiewolf and I snuggled together, enjoying an early Sunday morning. I could see the full moon shining brightly through the trees outside the window, the bed was warm and cozy, Prairiewolf's breathing was steady and deep, the house was quiet. Becker was asleep beside the bed, the cats were curled at our feet.

Days when I notice such simple pleasures become especially rich, and I realize how truly lucky I am.

If I stop and take a few deep breaths, it's amazing how many such moments are packed into each day. Right now even qualifies: I'm sitting at the kitchen table, typing. It's dark outside and Prairiewolf has just gone up to bed. Becker is lying beind me; Strider (our 2 year old English setter) is standing beside me, encouraging me to pet him while I type; T.J. (our older, orange cat) is sitting on one of the other kitchen chairs, watching me and Strider; while Ranger (our young, black kitten) has just skittled in to join us and liven things up a bit. Currently Ranger is trying to balance himself on the narrow wooden back of T.J.'s chair, egging T.J. to quit being such a "chair potato" and play with him.

It relaxes me and soothes me just to notice these quiet moments and daily details and to encourage myself to sink into I don't understand why it seems so hard to do this on a regular basis. Entire weeks can go by where I forget to stop and simply be totally present in the current moment.

However, I guess I shouldn't question it too much, I should just sink back into relaxation and appreciation of this current instant in time. I'm content and happy in these moments - and that's an amazingly rare gift in this day and age.

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