Saturday, June 14, 2008

"I Found [a] Thrill...."

We (well, to be perfectly honest, HE) did it! We managed to get a decent crop of blueberries in south central Kansas. It's actually even better than most of the crops of blueberries we managed to produce in Mobile, land of acid soil and blueberry plants.
Shortly after we moved here last year, Prairiewolf decided that one thing he really missed from Mobile was blueberries. So he researched and learned of a way that we might be able to manage to grow them here on the prairie.
Essentially he made a series of mini-bogs by digging out large (24-30" wide, 12" deep) holes and replacing the soil with peat moss. We found blueberries at the Wichita Lawn & Garden Show last spring, compliments of a company from Missouri, and eventually got them planted.
Prairiewolf fertilized them a few times with fertilizer for acid-loving plants, I've religiously anointed them with coffee grounds for most of the past year, and we've both worked hard to supplement any lack of rainwater and keep them well hydrated.
Out of 6 plants, we lost one (which we replaced with a box store substitute this spring), had one struggle but make it, and had 4 that have done very well. For anyone else trying this, start with larger plants - the two that had problems were both #1's; all 3 of the larger #2's did fine.
This week we literally started reaping the benefits of our labors. The plants are still small, so we're getting handfuls, not bowlfuls, but we're relishing every bite.
How long will they continue to do well in a land they're not really adapted for? Who knows? We just plan to enjoy them for as long as they're able to put up with us!

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