Thursday, May 22, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

It's been a busy spring. We've managed to live through a kitchen facelift/laundry room remodel that is finally about finished. (It looks and feels fantastic. I think we reached the right compromise between doing nothing and doing a complete remodel.) We travelled to Tucson in mid-April to attend my young cousin's wedding and, while in the southwest desert country, treated ourselves to a day and a half of birding. We drove to Topeka in early May to celebrate my birthday, and spent an extremely enjoyable afternoon and evening there with good friends.

And, last weekend, we were lucky enough to be able to host some good friends from 30 years ago for a 4 day visit. While they were here, we talked and ate and played games and shopped and talked and ate some more. Since they live in the Pacific Northwest now, it was a wonderful chance to catch up on the separate paths that our lives have travelled since we last lived near each other.

While all of this has been going on, we've been planting and tending our vegetable garden and working on expanding and planting our perennial beds. I've managed to continue my daily walk-abouts with regularity, but writing here at Gaia Garden has been sporadic, to put it politely. I've composed parts of many, many blog entries in my mind, but few have made it to the computer, let alone the net.

So now I'm vowing to get better at moving my thoughts from mental circling to the keyboard and then to the net. While I do that, I may go backwards and pick up a few topics that should have been covered a month ago - they may not be terribly timely any more, but they are still tugging at me, telling me that they want to be set down. I'll try to be careful to date bloom times and so forth carefully, so as not to confuse readers too much about what happened when biologically.

It's been a busy spring.


Anonymous said...

Did you notice that blogging is good for you?

Gaia Gardener: said...

Yes, I did. I enjoyed that post of yours (and the entry you linked to).

Do you suppose that thinking about blogging is as good as actually blogging? That would really be helpful!

Anonymous said...

Neh...I'd just say that thinking about blogging is sort of a prerequisite for doing the blogging. :-)

It does get the old creative juices flowing again.

It's been kind of interesting...a friend of mine remarked that I've just been a fountain of random thoughts and questions recently. I think it'd the classes. :-D