Friday, September 14, 2007

Sunflower Season

It's sunflower season in Kansas.

Driving through the countryside, I see billows of bright yellow suns with chocolate centers nodding at me in the wind.

The golden disks and rich green foliage soften ugly chainlink fences, skirt the bottom of most telephone poles, lace the edges of fields, and drift in fencerows alongside the roads.

In the morning, they're straining eastward, drinking in the rising sun. By mid-day they're looking southward, sunny faces reflecting the noonday sun. In the evening, they're facing westward, bidding farewell as the sun sets.

I love the abundance and the cheerfulness of their extravagant display. I fantasize about gathering big bouquets of them for the kitchen table...but restrain myself when I think of all the bird seed that I'd be cutting out of existence. Then I fantasize again about the flocks of goldfinch that will be clinging to them later this fall, gorging on the nutritious seeds, enriching the roadsides yet again.

They say that Kansas is a drab state. "They" have obviously never been here during sunflower season.

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Anonymous said...


What do you have that fancy SLR for if not to take pictures of sunflowers?