Saturday, June 09, 2007

So Is It Nature or Nurture?

Prairiewolf and I have a long-standing, unresolved "argument" with some of our best, oldest friends about which is more important in the development of children: nature or nurture. We've had some wonderful, wine-fueled discussions about the subject, often lasting late into the night.

I had an experience yesterday that amused me and seemed to fall into the nature vs. nurture category...although I can't say with any certainty which side it supports.

Mom asked me to meet her at Lenscrafters to help her pick which frame, out of two she had narrowed her choices down to the day before, fit her face the best. The frames were actually identical, except for color.

When I saw them on her face, there was no contest. The lighter, more gold-toned one looked better.

We chatted a bit, then suddenly she asked which frames I had. These are fairly new glasses - only about 6 months old and I bought them at a Lenscrafters in Mobile - but I couldn't remember what brand or color they were, so we looked inside the legs at the identifying marks. Imagine our amusement when we realized that, out of the several hundred frames available, she had just picked the exact same frame in the exact same color that I have.

Nature? (That frame just looks the best on our face shape, with our coloring.)

Or nurture? (After all, she was the person who first taught me when something looked good or didn't. Our tastes aren't identical, but they are fairly similar.)

Even in this little vignette, I can't tell which is the more powerful force, but it sure is fun to speculate.

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