Thursday, May 11, 2006

First Fruits of Summer

Suddenly it seems like summer is here. As the photo shows, we've had our first tomatoes ripen...and boy, did they taste great! Since the dogs have been "harvesting" the standard tomatoes on the deck as they get to about (green) golf ball size, our first ripe tomatoes were cherry tomatoes planted on the edge of the butterfly garden. The bush is loaded, so we're looking forward to several weeks of fresh tomato flavor.

Along with the cherry tomatoes, we've been able to snag a couple ripe blueberries before the birds and/or squirrels got to them. And I found a patch of big, ripe, sweet-tart dewberries hiding in a corner. I need to pull the dewberry vines out...but I decided I could wait until the vines quit fruiting!

I'm not really ready for summer to be here, but with sweet bribes like these, I'm getting more resigned every day.

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Anonymous said...

I miss the tomatoes. And the salsa