Thursday, July 04, 2013

Bird ID - Can You Help?

For all of you birders out there, I have a question:  can you identify this bird?  From its behavior, I think it was quite young - there were two that flushed up from the grass quite close to me, then flew onto the barbed wire fence nearby.  By the time I had gotten over my surprise and thought to take a photo, one of the two had flown off, but this one remained and let me take two photos before flying off to join its companion.

The fence is at the back of our property, with our 5 acre (restoring) prairie on one side and a wheat field, newly harvested, on the other side.  Both birds flushed from our side of the fence.

With the large eye in proportion to the head, the relatively flat head, the white eye ring, the white stripe through the center of the crown (which you can't see in my 2 photos), the pink legs and the mainly pink beak, and the relatively unmarked face, I'm wondering about a young grasshopper sparrow.   Thoughts, anyone?

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