Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Thoughts on Wind and Weather and Life Changes

The wind is really whipping this morning. The trees are trying to resist it, rocking stiffly and stubbornly from root to twig.

On the other hand, the hawks are reveling in it. They head into the wind, bucking the gusts, drifting lower to look for calmer air. Suddenly they turn and soar, letting the wind carry them backwards and upwards, until they turn back and begin the game all over again. They could be waiting out the wind, securely clutching to a tree branch or fence post, but they choose to stay airborne, pitting their skills against the elements.

Despite the wind and the cold and the gray, it's a bracing day. Not like yesterday. Yesterday was a dreary, misty, rainy day. A Seattle day. A "cocoon inside" day. But (for those of you back in Mobile) despite rain all day yesterday, there was only 0.3" of rain in the gauge this morning...we're back in precarious water country again.

I am tempted to draw some inane (but culturally acceptable) analogy, saying that I want to be like the hawks, honing my skills and flying in the face of adversity...but let's get real! I'm much more like the trees, fighting the winds of change, rocking stubbornly and irritatedly in place while I try to reestablish my roots in this new soil.

Actually, that analogy works pretty well, now that I think about it. I've been transplanted. The process of settling in to a new home and a new community, like root growth, seems slow and is taking place pretty much out of sight. (In other words, not much visible progress appears to be occurring.) I'm trying to find new sources of nourishment of all kinds - from grocery stores for actual caloric nourishment to social activities for mental nourishment. And I'm trying to change my local environment (our home) to better support Prairiewolf and me and our needs. As I start putting out new growth, I'll need to find local pollinators - friends - to bring me fresh ideas and help connect me to my new community. And, in turn, hopefully I can "pollinate" them with new ideas and insights from my past experiences.

As an image, it's a little hokey - but it's fun too. And it makes me think it's time to get off my tail and go searching for some more of that local nourishment, specifically carpet samples today. It's time to extend my roots out a little further.

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