Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Birds in Winter Wonderland

Kansas has been out to reacquaint us with winter this year. In the last 2 1/2 weeks, we've had an ice storm with temperatures in the single digits, a 6" snow, and now a 4" snow...which is supposed to be followed by more frigid temperatures. It's been pretty, but I'm ready for warmer temperatures now. It's unusual for Kansas, but the ice from the first storm hasn't even had a chance to melt completely off yet, and much of the snow from the second storm has changed to ice too. Luckily most of the main roads are (or were, before today) in good shape.

I managed to get photos of a few birds, mainly during the 6" snowstorm, which I thought might be fun to post.

Franksparrow, this is especially for you!

During the storm, birds were literally flocking to the feeders. I think that the cardinals look particularly gorgeous against snow-covered trees.

After having the suet feeder totally ignored by all of the birds for almost 2 weeks, this flicker came in and found it. He immediatedly started vigorously defending it (and anything near it) from all comers. I actually had to move the suet feeder away from all the other feeders, to its own separate tree, to keep him from attacking the other birds.

During the first few days following the big (6")
snowstorm, it remained below freezing. With solar heating, the snow on the deck slowly melted anyway, and I noticed quite a few of the birds coming in to drink water. While I noticed a robin, Harris sparrows, white-crowned sparrows, and a house finch, I only managed to get good photos of this mockingbird and junco.


Prairiewolf said...

The back yard is so cool. Seeing the rabbit sneak in from time to time is fun! Wish I'd seen the Cooper's...keep showing your stuff.

qkslvrwolf said...

Awesome. Can't believe I fell you behind. You hadn't posted in so long and then BAM! tons. :-) I'm gonna need some pictures of the house from one of you. How'd you get the pictures to start working again? The transition to the new blogger?

Anne said...

Yeah! I miss cardinals. Granted, the magpies are pretty wonderful, but it's just not the same. Especially when it snows.

Gaia gardener said...


I've decided it was actually an immature female sharp-shinned. It's a lot of fun to watch the never-ending parade of birds in the yard. However, I'm beginning to worry that I'm getting addicted to watching their antics. Is it helping keep me sane while living in an almost empty house? Or distracting me from making decisions and moving forward as fast as I should?


Glad you are enjoying the new posts and pictures. Yes, as soon as I switched to the new blogger, the picture button worked like a charm.


Tell me about the magpies! They sound intriguing. Any chance of getting a picture posted?