Saturday, April 22, 2006

Earth Day Memories

With Earth Day being trumpeted today on radio and TV (even Bush is laying claim to being environmentally aware today!), my mind keeps going back to the first Earth Day I celebrated....

It was the spring of 1971 - the 2nd Earth Day ever. I was in 9th grade at Curundu Junior High School in the Canal Zone and an active member of that school's first ever Ecology Club. Our sponsor, my 9th grade physical science teacher, Mr. Jack Pylant, told us about this exciting new holiday called Earth Day. To celebrate, we decided to do that quintessential 60's/70's activity: picket (the Commissary, in this case), carrying signs about saving the Earth.

I doubt that we converted any Commissary shoppers that day, but it was through Mr. Pylant and the Ecology Club that I developed my first real awareness of environmental issues.

We had a great time in Ecology Club. One of my favorite memories is of a film that we made: a Super 8 motion picture about "Captain Ecology", who jumped out of trashcans, shower stalls, and other improbable places, wearing a cape and catching environmental "wrongdoers" at the moment of their transgression. I get a smile just thinking of it.

So on this Earth Day, I would like to remember and honor Mr. Pylant, my 9th grade science teacher, wherever he may be. He instilled and nurtured in me a love for and an awareness of the environment that has been with me for my entire life. He enriched my life tremendously, and I hope that I have been able to pass along the torch, in some small way, to others. Thank you, Mr. Pylant.


teresa said...

Geez how old are you?? My first earthday was I believe in high school but I'm not sure. I know I'm older than you.

It's nice to read your thoughts but would much rather talk face to when are you moving back to your home red state?

Gaia gardener said...

Yeah, that's probably right. I turn 50 soon.

I agree about talking face to face! Greg's looking hard - he's really ready to return to clinical medicine fulltime, and that's not really possible in PHS any more, given his seniority. Policy stuff is fun in small doses, so to speak, but not in big ones.

Anyway, we'll be back in a couple weeks for Jess's graduation and I hope to see you guys then. What's your week of the 21st look like?

qkslvrwolf said...

Heh heh heh...

I will PAY MONEY! for that video. If anyone has it, come to my blog and leave me a comment.

Good story. That was a new one for me. :-) My likey.

Teresa...come to my blog too! :-)

Gaia gardener said...

Actually, I'd love to have a copy of that film too, so let me know if anyone contacts you! I have a lot of happy memories from that experience.